My background in art is rich and varied.  Art was by far my favorite subject in school from day one, although my medium of interest has shifted over the years.  After majoring in art at Rosemont College, I went on to get a MFA in sculpture at Indiana University.  Eventually painting replaced my interest in sculpture for many years.  Throughout the years I have also taught art full and part time at the elementary, middle school, and university levels.

My fascination for jewelry-making began years ago with a wire wrapping class and took off from there.  I developed a passion for working with wire and sheet metal and I have never looked back!  My retirement from teaching has given me the opportunity to learn from the best and devote more energy into my jewelry explorations.  Perhaps I'm still a sculptor at heart;  I started out welding steel and have returned to my love of metals, although this time on a much smaller scale.

When not in my studio or with family, I can often be found hiking in the mountains around Phoenix.